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Shower Shirt

Smart Form now retails the Shower Shirt!

The Shower Shirt is a post-surgical, water-resistant, garment desgined by a breast cancer patient who had undergone a bi-lateral mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction surgery.  The idea for the shower shirt was created after the patient asked her physician when she could take a shower post-mastectomy.  She was told a shower and/or bath was not possible until the surgical drains were removed, and that time frame would vary between two and three weeks.  The patient began researching water resistant garments which could be used for post-mastectomy showering/bathing; to her surprise, no garment existed so the first shower shirt design prototype was created from a beauty salon cape.

The anti-microbial, post-surgical, water resistant shower shirt garment not only protects the surgical incisions, drain portals sutured into the chest/armpits or torso, and the drain tubes/bulbs from getting wet while showering/bathing,
the product also supports the weight of the drains, tubes, and bulbs.

The Shower Shirt is desgined for use after any breast surgery requiring drains: lumpectomy, mastectomy,
reconstruction, breast reduction, mastopexy (lift) or augmentation.

The Shower Shirt is available in Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large sizes as well as white and black colors.

For more information, please click the following links to videos:
 Video #1                           Video #2  


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