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Lymphedema Products

Lymphedema is managed and treated through a variety of therapies. Compression armsleeves and gauntlets are one such therapy. Our selection of armsleeves and gauntlets are Class 1 (20-30mmHg) and Class 2 (30-40mmHg). We also offer a wide variety of colors and patterns that are stylish and fashionable.


  • *Moisture-wicking technology, which pulls sweat away from the body and is fast drying!
  • *Unscented aloe vera moisturizing micro-capsules for added softness and skin protection.
  • *Knit with 360 stretch, which allows the garments to stretch as your arm bends and flexes. Also, prevents binding at the elbow.
  • *Knit construction produces a smooth surface, lightweight, and replicating a ‘second skin.'
  • *Available in compression Class 1 (20-30mmHg) and Class 2 (30-40mmHg).
  • *Latex-free, silicone-free gripper applied directly to the inside top cuff of the sleeve. The Diva Diamond Band will keep your garment in place and your skin less irritated.
  • *Made in the USA!

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